Willing ® EVA film/Roll Package

  • Inner packaged with anti-ultraviolet plastic film which is also wrapped by a foam and waterproof paper bag that protects the roll during its transportation and storage.
  • The roll is also packaged in a carton box or wooden box, according to the units sold.
  • Light and heat radiation should be avoided while storage and the space temperature shall not exceed 35℃.
  • Heavy burden shall not be laid on the products. Avoid to piled up more than six-tier of wooden boxes.
  • The ArchitexTM has an anti-oxidation and anti-UV performances, however, the storage period should not exceed six months.
  • It can be stored at room with normal temperature and moisture.
  • working conditions can be on open space without humidity control.

EVA film rolls into waterproof bags for shipment by air express.

EVA film 4/6 rolls were packed with waterproof bags into plywood cases for ocean shipping.