Noise Control

When used in side windows, laminated glass will reduce interior noise by up to three decibels providing a quieter cabin space where passengers will enjoy a peaceful conversation or their favorite music.

In humans, most audible sounds range from 1,000 to 4,000Hz. The Sound Acoustic Film improves the sound insulation effect by 5dB compared with standard PVB interlayer films. These frequencies are very similar to the frequencies of the sound of wind, a source of loud noise when an automobile is in motion, and therefore, the noise of wind is substantially reduced. Furthermore, the film’s superior damping performance effectively controls 100 to 500Hz frequency vibration energy from the engine and reduces the noise that resonates across the glass. When used in laminated glass, Willing®MotticaTM PVB interlayer insulates vehicles from outside noise, reducing noise level in the vehicle cabin by up to 3dB, in contrast to cars equipped with standard side tempered glasses.