Glances of Willing® PVB film production line

Willing Lamiglass Material GmbH owns the most advanced PVB production line in the world, all equipment are imported from aboard and best manufacturers, the main importing countries are Germany, Italy, Canada, the United States, the core part of production line twin-screw extruders introduced from Germany who is world's advanced Equipment technology company and most sophisticated extrusion grinding technology company. It makes tough and tensile strength PVB film is cooling after a high temperature extrusion, this advanced equipment ensure PVB film production process perfectly no matter any conditions and also effectively protect physical properties and molecular structure in PVB interlayer forming process.

In the process of cooling and rewinding with CNC on-line testing equipment to effectively control PVB film quality includes thickness, roughness, moisture content and haze, so that PVB film production can be fully automated.