Willing Lamiglass Material


Willing Lamiglass Material GmbH (W.M.C) is a leading R&D, production, sales and technical service as one of chemical enterprise with high technology, ...


The one kind of plastic material product is PVB interlayer (film) that is manufactured by 100% new Polyvinyl Butyral resin without any other second material mix it ...


WMC GLASS established good and long-term relationship with domestic and foreign laminating glass processing manufactures basis on highest quality products ...


Willing® PVB / EVA Interlayer

Willing® PVB interlayers are well-known for these properties. And for its customer service, which starts with technical consultations – in the design of new production installations, for instance – and can include the joint development of innovative products. This is why WILLING® is one of the world's most important producers of PVB films for laminated safety glass.

Best products

PVB Interlayer Film

PVB or Polyvinyl butyral is a kind of resin usually used for applications that require strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, toughness and flexibility. It is prepared from polyvinyl alcohol by reaction with butyraldehyde. The major application is laminated safety glass for automobile windshields and architectures ...


EVA Interlayer Film

EVA film is a high-viscosity film material sheet which is made of the polymer resin (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) as the main raw material, adding special additives, processed by special equipment, also known as modified “EVA laminated glass film” within the industry. For inorganic glass, it has a strong bond strength with tough ...