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Willing Lamiglass Material GmbH (W.M.C) is a leading chemical group in R&D, Production, Sales and High technology service. We specialize in the manufacturing, development, marketing and service of PVB interlayer and EVA interlayer for laminated safety glass processing. "Professional", "Creditable" and "Innovative" are our business philosophy. We provide interlayers for laminated safety glass which is applied to architecture and automobile industry. PVB and EVA interlayers are our flagship products.

PVB interlayer is one kind of plastic products manufactured by 100% new Polyvinyl Butyral resin without any others material mixed in it. Our company operates fully in compliance with ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification standard. An annual output of PVB interlayer film is 4000 tons. Our PVB interlayer brands are Willing®ArchitexTM(Architectural application) and Willing®MotticaTM (Automotive application) which are both in possess with high transparency, no impurities, strong mechanical strength and easy to operate. They are the best-selling adhesive material used in the manufacture of laminated safety glass at home and abroad so far. The Willing®ArchitexTM PVB interlayer can be glazed in building glass such as facades, curtain walls, windows, doors, skylights, canopies, balustrades, partitions, railings, flooring and stairs, storefronts, retail displays and other areas in laminated glass.

Due to the excellent technology, the application of Willing®MotticaTM PVB Interlayers in automobile windshield makes it able to match all kinds of vehicles including car windshields, bus glass and other means of transportation.

EVA interlayer for laminated glass is another kind of plastic material. It’s used mainly for art glassed. With the feature of low melting point and good fluidity, it can be applied to a variety of laminated glass technology, such as patterned glass, tempered glass, curved glass and back with PET film, photo paper (PP, PVC), silk, wire, paper, glass fiber, fabric to laminate. We offer hundreds of colors for you to choose. Besides, you can also specialize your own color. The abundant colors produce multiple sense of high-grade artistic scenes for decorative laminated glass which is largely adopted in entertainment hotel, square, sliding door, bathroom and other decorations.

W.M.C has established good and long-term relationships with domestic and foreign laminating glass processing manufactures with our highest quality products and faithful marketing reputation. Professional technology, a united team, and high-quality service are the sources of strength for us to strive.

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